Why stitch it,
when you can
zip it!

  • Better wound protection than butterfly
    bandages and strips
  • Non-invasive and easy to apply
  • Close minor lacerations quickly with no needles or puncturing of skin
  • Save time and money
1 out of 3 are a laceration
Lacerations are a
high frequency injury
in the workplace
  • 29% of all workplace injuries involve cuts and lacerations1
  • Limited first aid wound closure options lead to frequent
    and costly treatment with stitches

ZipStitch is the most advanced wound closure device for first aid kits

  • Surgical quality wound closure for use in first aid kits by non-professionals
  • Can close wounds up to 1.5" in length and utilizes specially-designed adhesive that lasts for up to 7 days
  • Precise and consistent closure
  • 8X stronger than stitches2
  • Greater tissue perfusion to allow fast healing3
  • Less scarring than stitches4
  • Proven in over a dozen clinical studies5
  • FDA Cleared

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