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What people are saying about ZipStitch:

“As a mom of 3 little boys with a LOT of energy…meaning a lot of foreheads and knees and bony little elbows coming into rapid contact with not-soft surfaces. We do stitches a lot in our house. $30 is NOTHING compared to having to pay a $125 ER copay, keep the kid calm while he’s getting sewn up, keep him from picking at the strings for two weeks, keep the stupid things dry and clean, and then load him and his brothers back in the car to get them taken out. Holy moly. It’s a steal at twice the price.”

– C. M.

“I cut my forearm when my wrench slipped, creating a wound that I couldn’t close with a band-aid. ZipStitch was intuitive and easy to put on. I was able to close the cut and keep working on my bike. I had ZipStitch on for several days, the wound healed and left minimal scarring.”

– G. W.

ZipStitch Results:

ZipStitch Laceration Kit

(17 customer reviews)

Be prepared with ER quality wound care to go. Introducing ZipStitch®, a surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription. Now, virtually anybody can effectively treat minor cuts in seconds, wherever they may be.

  • Better wound protection than butterfly bandages and strips
  • 12X stronger1 than stitches and less scarring2
  • Used by hospitals worldwide in over 600,000 procedures
  • Zip technology is a winner of multiple medical device awards

ZipStitch comes in a convenient, easy-to-carry envelope with complementary supplies to treat your wound including:

  • Gauze pad to stop bleeding
  • Alcohol wipe to clean wound area
  • ZipStitch to close laceration
  • Bandage to cover and protect closed wound

Each ZipStitch can close a wound up to 1.5 inches long. Select one or more to suit your potential needs.

ZipStitch can give you peace of mind in many situations:

  • Home/car maintenance
  • Cooking
  • Camping and hiking
  • Biking
  • Contact sports
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • First aid kits at work

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17 reviews for ZipStitch Laceration Kit

  1. Dale Ruff

    I have used this product Zip Stitch twice on my job both of the employees had deep cuts on their forearms. I applied the Zip Stitch to the wounds. Both are doling well they are healing and no ER visit.

  2. Darnisha Haywood


  3. Colette B

    Amazing product! Zipped up a cut on-the-go and the resulting scar looks better than a surgical scar from years past. Thanks, ZipStitch:)

  4. Raj Roychoudhury

    Brilliant product. Definitely worth $30 to save me a few hundred and a trip to the ER to wait around for hours.

  5. Kenneth K

    I’m active military and carry one on me in the field at all times. It’s great for lacerations that aren’t quite big enough to call a medic or even just to close up a wound in a pinch if stitches aren’t an option. I personally used it when my leg got caught in some razor wire; and in the civilian world when I was out boating and got a cut while out water skiing. This is a great product and I recommend it to fellow soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  6. Robert Russell Quinn

    great tool

  7. Robert Russell Quinn

    great for a bullet wound field dressing

  8. Holly R

    I sliced my hand doing food prep and needed to head to the ER. My neighbor, who was with me at the time, had a ZipStitch at her house. We cleaned the wound and easily applied the product. I removed per the recommendations and it looked great. ZipStitch saved me a significant amount of money versus going to the ER. As a mother, I’d definitely recommend having one or two in your purse or med kit at all times. Genius!

  9. hanxiuzhen (verified owner)

    it is good.

  10. Julia

    I hit my on the corner of a cabinet door, creating a large gash at the corner of my eyebrow/temple. It was late at night, and I was not about to drive to the emergency room for stitches (fear of needles too). My friend suggested zip stitch so I ordered one, it arrived 48 hours later. It was incredibly easy to put on, stayed on, stayed closed, and definitely helped minimize the scarring that normal bandages wouldn’t be able to. I highly recommend!

  11. A. R.

    Living in a remote part of Africa with our five young children, I was thrilled to find ZipStitch!! Having a biomedical engineering background, there are always ideas we have for new products that would be useful in our context with almost no local resources. ZipStitch tops our list of ingenious and highly useful products to keep on hand.

  12. Mani


  13. N. McCray, MD

    As an ED physician I love the ZipStich!

  14. kieu nguyen

    5 star

  15. Blaine Hume

    Laceration on forehead. Dermabond not holding. ZipStitch closed and held. Best product ever. I need more. Used my last one on myself. Please help me find this somewhere.

  16. Laya Witty

    Every parent of a toddler needs this product!

  17. mark

    fantastic, had this used by my orthopedic surgeon for the incision for total hip replacement surgery. no railroad track scars…lasted for 2 weeks

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